California Leadership Academy is designed for underperforming or at-risk teenagers, located near San Diego, California – military schools and reform schools.

California Leadership Academy

Location: California
Phone: (619) 450-1660
Type(s): Coed, College Prep, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Religious

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home1California Leadership Academy is designed for underperforming or at-risk teens. CLA will turn your child around and give them the tools they need to get ahead in life behaviorally, spiritually, mentally and academically. The program and therapeutic team is second to none, yet it is far less in cost than most therapeutic programs and boarding schools designed to help troubled teens.

This program aims not only to help troubled teens, but to work on healing the entire family. Family workshops are held on-site during a teen’s time here, where families can attend as often as they are able. These workshops are an invaluable part of re-integrating a troubled teen with the family and prepare parents with what to expect when their teen returns to them, transformed.

home2Teens learn to work together to solve common problems and provide support for others. In this way, teens discover the power of a group in helping them overcome their difficulties and discover their true selves in the process. Kids learn that they are loved, forgiven, and that there is a higher power that wants only to see them succeed in life. Through this faith, they will find a sort of lasting serenity and joy that they did not have before.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens

shutterstock_17712673-300x200Is your teen getting into trouble? Perhaps he or she has been expelled from school, experimenting with drugs, or maybe they just need to get away from a negative group of peers there in your home town. The reality is that you may have a tough time finding a typical boarding school nearby that will accept him anyway, since most general boarding schools won’t enroll problem kids. And it probably isn’t a good idea for your teen to be so close to home and the bad influences there. That’s why this therapeutic boarding school was developed, and situated a location that makes the cost very reasonable.

Top Therapy, But Cost-Effective

cla-smallYou simply won’t find a therapeutic boarding school that is as effective and economical. Most private school, boarding schools and even military schools won’t accept troubled teens. They are too disruptive to their program. And the schools that do work with troubled teens often don’t want kids from the local community due to the flight risk. So, you may need to look further away from home anyway.

home3California Leadership Academy was developed to help troubled teens and it is situated close to the population centers of Southern California. We have a long history of helping teenage teens just like yours — kids who are bright and talented, but have gotten off track in life.


Our atmosphere is designed to teach better behavior, giving you back the kind, respectful and promising child you once knew.

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The moments when children are most open to change and help are during times of physical activity and challenging adventure.



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Our school helps teens get caught up and even retake some courses to earn better grades for college entrance and future employment.



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We believe that comfort and safety are important components as teenagers are learning new ways to behave and think.



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California Leadership Academy – Therapeutic Boarding School for Teens

California Leadership Academy is designed for underperforming or at-risk teenagers, located near San Diego, California