Caribbean Mountain Academy

Location: Jarabacoa, Caribbean
Type(s): Coed

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Caribbean Mountain Academy Crosswinds’ Christian therapeutic boarding school, Caribbean Mountain Academy, was started to help restore families. Their goal is to be able to intervene with at-risk youth and families before there is long-lasting damage or a need for court intervention.

Why They’re Different From Teen Boot Camps
Finding the best method to help your troubled teen can be one of the most crucial and difficult decisions you make. In recent years, there has been an increase in parents seeking a ‘teen boot camp’ as a form of intervention. Often modeled after military basic training, a teen boot camp typically seeks to first “break down” a teen through rigorous physical training, hard labor, and strict discipline followed by a period of rebuilding. These boot camps may achieve short-term results, but often lack the integrated approach to make a truly lasting change.

Crosswinds’ approach is different. Crosswinds believes the therapeutic Christian boarding school setting they provide in the Dominican Republic offers many things that domestic programs and other traditional teen boot camps cannot: an opportunity to focus, a shift away from material value, a fresh start, healing for your family, a chance to rediscover hope, an integrated approach and personal time of growth for your teen. They know sending your child to a program out of the country can be a very difficult thing to do, but there are many benefits to the location of Crosswinds’ Caribbean Mountain Academy.

Crosswinds feels strongly about being in the Dominican because it gives students a chance to be removed from the fast-paced mainstream life they have become accustomed to at home. The Dominican also provides a wonderful cultural experience for the students. They get to see and experience communities that have very little compared to what they are used to, and how these communities find so much joy without a lot of worldly treasures.

Whether it’s the intercultural experience, being unplugged, or exploring nature in the beautiful Dominican Republic, students are given many ways to learn and to grow at this Christian boarding school. At Caribbean Mountain Academy, they desire to bring hope, healing, and help for troubled teens and their families.

The 5 pillars of Crosswinds’ Christian Boarding School for Teens
Many parents identify with at least 1 of the 5 core pillars of Caribbean Mountain Academy. These pillars define the school and the experience families get when they send a student to CMA. They are the foundation of what CMA does and helps the school stand apart from other Christian boarding schools.

  1. Family-based Counseling
  2. Relationship-oriented Mentoring
  3. Adventure-based Learning
  4. Service Projects
  5. Spiritual Discipleship

“The 5 pillars make us who we are, and if you take one away, we’re not CMA anymore. We have a high success rate with students, and we believe these pillars are the reason why.” – Andrew Stroup

Licensed Counselors Crosswinds believes that counseling is the first step in getting help for a troubled teen, and there are times when you need a little extra help. Enrolling your teenager in a Christian residential treatment center is a big deal for everyone involved, Crosswinds knows that and they’re here to help you. The counselors at Caribbean Mountain Academy all have master’s degrees in counseling or social work and are supervised by a licensed therapist. They utilize various evidence-based practices in their counseling sessions.

CMA Director Andrew Stroup says, “The decision to pull a student out of their home context is a really big step. It’s often the right step for a family and when that step is needed, we’re here and we’re available. Our plan at CMA, and our hope is to spark lasting change in a student’s life and then get students back into the home context as quickly as possible.”

School & Accreditation
In school, students benefit from a low student-to-teacher ratio and from one-on-one tutoring by a certified teacher. Students do their studies through an online program that helps students to learn the material at their own pace. This has allowed many students to recover lost credits and even get ahead in their school work.

Crosswinds’ Christian boarding school for troubled teens is accredited through Christian Schools International. Classes are completed through Apex Learning Virtual School. They are fully accredited and even offer AP courses approved by College Board. 

A licensed teacher is present in the classroom to help students with any questions they have. The teachers are equipped to accommodate a wide range of learning disabilities.

Class sizes are small, which helps teens get a lot of individualized attention. Also, classes are divided by gender, which creates less opportunity for distraction.

Many of Crosswinds’ students desire to go to college after they finish high school. Students with this mindset can do college prep work through their therapeutic boarding school. CMA can also record students’ community service hours, which looks really good on college applications.

Have you ever just wanted to simply start over?
Many Crosswinds students would do just about anything to have a clean slate. They often have a reputation that precedes them. No matter what they do or say, they can’t seem to shake what others have already determined from their “troubled” past. Instead of fighting this preconceived image, young people often give up, acting and reacting based on what others already expect. The Dominican experience will allow them to:

  • Create a new reputation
  • Eliminate negative influences
  • Be vulnerable

“Throughout my journey here, I feel like the main thing I found out about myself was my identity. I had no idea who I was… but being here I found out that I have value and purpose.” – Anna

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Caribbean Mountain Academy