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DISCLAIMER: Some programs listed in this directory are not licensed as medical or mental health facilities. Some are boarding schools with a spiritual mentoring program, character-building curriculum, and 24/7 supervision. Take care when choosing any program for your teen.
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best therapeutic boarding schoolsFor more than 90 years, Waterford Country School has worked to help troubled children nationwide. Waterford’s services and programs have evolved with the transitions that life and community present. Through it all, the mission and high standards of care have remained constant.

Together with a highly dedicated and skilled staff, Board of Trustees and many friends in the community, they have developed an extensive array of programs and are committed to the spirit of doing “Whatever It Takes.” Waterford Country School works hard to ensure that each child entrusted to their care is given the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop at his or her own pace.

best therapeutic boarding schools‘Where everybody is Somebody’ is a common daily phrase if you visit Waterford Country School – this is a very special place. Every day staff does “whatever it takes” to help children and families in need. Through residential programs, family-based programs, education programs and community support programs, they offer a diverse range of services to children of all ages. The kids are the reason they exist.

Waterford Mission:

Waterford Country School is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to enrich the lives of children and strengthen families through specialized programs resources and community services.

best therapeutic boarding schoolsGuiding Principles: 

Waterford Country School holds as its core value, interpersonal relationships based upon respect, compassion and hope among all persons at all levels. WCS focuses on developing a team of staff who possess the skills and talents to enable them to establish caring relationships with children and families leading towards positive change and the enhancement of their overall well being.

Agency Model: best therapeutic boarding schools

For over 90 years, Waterford has operated on behalf of children and families, but since 2009 when they discovered Cornell University’s program model – Children And Residential Experiences (CARE) their value system shifted and grounded itself into the change inducing practice they stand by today. CARE is a multi-level program model for improving services for children in out-of-home care. Based on six guiding principles, the CARE model is designed to profoundly influence the way residential childcare professionals think about working with children.

best therapeutic boarding schoolsCARE principles include being:

Developmentally Focused Family – Involved Relationship Based – Competence Centered – Trauma Informed – Ecologically Oriented

Waterford Country School offers many programs including:
  • Connecticut Adoption Services
  • Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Out Patient Services
  • Hunts Brook Academy
  • Levine Education Center
  • Camp Cuheca
  • Farm/Outdoor Programs
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Intensive Treatment Service

Waterford County School Therapeutic Boarding Program – The Therapeutic Boarding School Just for Boys Who are Struggling

Discover real help for your boy on the autism spectrum or if he has social, emotional, behavioral or learning differences. From around the country, boys come here to learn to succeed. Master’s level therapists lead the children in intensive individual, group and family therapy. Their Clinical team is skilled in treating adolescents with a variety of challenges.

Waterford believes all children want to succeed. If they are not successful in the classroom or at home, Waterford wants to help. This is their approach to caring for children. Their goal is to create an environment which fosters positive change, growth and a pattern of successful experiences.

“This is where I learned how to ride a horse, a skill I continue to enjoy, but also learned to love computers and technology, which is now my profession. This school saved my life!” – Austin

The students are served by their Connecticut State Board of Education approved private school — The Levine Education Center. Parents and children can anticipate classroom sizes of 5-7 students, guided by Certified Special Education teachers and arranged strategically by learning style and ability.


Waterford Country School

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Waterford Country School

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