Elk Mountain Academy

Location: Clark Fork, Idaho
Phone: 208-266-1122
Type(s): Female Only, High School
Website: http://www.elkmountainacademy.org/

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Since 1994, Elk Mountain Academy has provided a safe and healthy place for young women to create healthy change and healing as they battle with addiction, emotional and behavioral issues. Elk Mountain Academy offers an accredited, strong academic program where students receive one-on-one support from their teachers. On this journey, students learn positive coping skills in an environment where they can experience fun outdoor activities that allows them to get “high” on life, not drugs.

About Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Idaho

Idaho Therapeutic Boarding Schools

An alternative or therapeutic boarding school in Idaho must be licensed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The Idaho Code outlines the standards for children’s residential care facilities throughout the state. Such standards include outlining intake policies, ensuring the physical care and safety of residents and requiring a criminal history check on all employees, owners and operators.

According to state statute, Idaho private schools within a therapeutic boarding school may seek accreditation, but it is optional. Idaho also has no requirements outlined for registration, licensing or approval. Teachers at the schools must be state certified and all employees must submit to and meet Idaho‘s criminal history check requirements.

Reference: http://www2.ed.gov


Elk Mountain Academy

3067 Mosquito Creek Rd. Clark Fork, ID 83811


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Elk Mountain Academy