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JOB TITLE: School Teacher Type: Full-time
Columbus Girls Academy 14 Motts Drive Seale, Alabama 36875, Columbus, Georgia Posted: 01/07/23
JOB TITLE: Residential Counselor (Female) Type: Full-time
Columbus Girls Academy 14 Motts Drive Seale, Alabama 36875, Columbus, Georgia Posted: 01/07/23
Exceed Marketing Solutions • 5550 Tech Center Drive Suite 306 Colorado Springs, CO 80919, Colorado Springs, Colorado Posted: 01/02/23

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICIES: The employers listing jobs herein have positions open to qualified individuals of good character without regard or reference to race, gender, national or ethnic origin, color, age, or disability.  Some employers may be religious, educational ministries, and permitted to discriminate regarding religion based on their religious beliefs.  All prospective and current employees must agree with the employer’s mission statement and be willing to conduct their lives in conformity with the center’s statement of faith and the center’s declaration and agreement to ethical and moral integrity.  Most positions in such therapeutic programs require a background check.  Concerning jobs listed on this website, neither this directory nor any of its officers or owners make any warranty, express or implied, for the accuracy of the information supplied, nor do we assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provided; nor do we represent that the prospective employer will follow legal and statutory guidelines for anti-discrimination in hiring.

The goal for a therapeutic boarding school is usually to create an immersive therapeutic atmosphere (milieu), rather than just weekly counseling sessions. When troubled teenagers have therapeutic sessions backed up by activities, a positive peer group, and a supportive mentoring structure, they’re usually able to make much more progress than they would in a less structured environment. Moreover, they are less distracted when separated from negative influences and peers back home. Remember, although all therapeutic boarding schools have a similar purpose, there are significant differences between their therapeutic approach and the quality of their therapists. Be sure to research them as thoroughly as possible to find the perfect fit. Our expert help is available, ensuring that you find that one that matches your teenager’s needs and your family budget.

Should you need help finding boarding schools, boarding schools for troubled teens, Christian boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, schools for troubled teens or boarding schools with therapy, please let us know. The best therapeutic programs and schools provide treatment for troubled teens. This site includes a list of best therapeutic boarding schools, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs, outdoor therapeutic and adventure therapy programs, and programs working with troubled teens. Boarding Schools, Emotional Growth Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools provide supervision and counseling for at-risk teenage boys and girls. Residential Treatment Centers offer clinical treatment with both academic and behavioral support, plus medication management and medical monitoring. They treat adolescents with serious psychological and behavior issues, are highly structured, and they offer recreational and adventure activities for troubled teens. If you are searching for troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found a list of them. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but these programs do. Among the top therapeutic schools, our list of therapeutic boarding schools shows the best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”. Some troubled teen schools, residential treatment programs for teens and residential treatment centers can be affordable. These boarding schools can help your teenager who is defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise having bad behavior.

Therapeutic Boarding School Jobs

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