Freedom Academy in New York is Christian boarding school for troubled youth, giving then an opportunity to get a better start on life – schools for learning disabilities and military schools for troubled teens.

Freedom Academy

Location: Lakemont, New York
Type(s): Coed, College Prep, High School, Junior High School, Religious

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Freedom AcademyFreedom Academy is a co-educational Christian boarding school for at-risk boys and girls age 13-17. Overlooking Seneca Lake in rural upstate New York, Freedom Academy’s caring, structured program has been helping teenagers make a fresh start in life for over 35 years.

The school seeks to help each young person find and reach their God-given potential through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritually, we help the young people find peace and forgiveness through a personal relationship with the Lord. Physically, we help the young people get free of damaging addictions and learn the value of a positive work ethic. Emotionally, we help the young people recover from the hurt of a traumatic past and learn to trust again. And mentally, we help the young people learn to value education and pursue God’s plan for their lives.

Freedom AcademyStudents at Freedom Academy are surrounded by a caring staff and given incentive for change through a level system that offers increasing rewards and responsibilities as they make progress in the program. It is our goal that every young person that comes to Freedom Academy leaves knowing Jesus Christ personally and possessing the tools to rebuild family relationships and build a healthy future.

Freedom AcademyParents can be sure of a strong commitment to the Word of God as the foundation of the program. They can trust that their child is in a safe place and surrounded by team that will be personally involved in their lives; and they can know that their child will be treated with care as an individual child of God.

Students of Freedom Academy are expected to participate in all activities here, most importantly church and chapel. They will be surrounded by the love of Christ on a daily basis and hear His Word spoken by several different people, including staff pastors and visitors. The goal is to help teenagers to find Christ and establish a basis for a real and long-lasting change.

Freedom AcademyIn addition, young people will learn responsibility through chores and service. Sports will teach them teamwork, and they will learn that every experience at Freedom Academy can become a character-building experience. Through it all, they will have a great time, singing, playing sports, attending summer camp, all while enjoying a type of joy never experienced before, free from the burdens they once carried.

At Freedom Academy, we have been blessed to see many young people change and grow substantially in this program. From here, students go on to college, the military, the workforce, and even to full-time ministry.

In order to set them up for such success, students are able to get back on track in their high school education. This independent academic program employs a variety of curricula, mostly using computer-based courses, but also with traditional classrooms and self-paced workbooks. This education combines traditional education and a Christian worldview. This allows students to have a new experience with education and work at an individual pace.


Freedom Academy

5275 Route 14, Lakemont NY 14857


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Freedom Academy in New York is Christian boarding school for troubled youth, giving then an opportunity to get a better start on life