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DISCLAIMER: Some programs listed in this directory are not licensed as medical or mental health facilities. Some are boarding schools with a spiritual mentoring program, character-building curriculum, and 24/7 supervision. Take care when choosing any program for your teen.
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Timothy Hill Academy
Timothy Hill Academy is a non-profit, therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys between the ages of 13-17. Each campus thrives in an equestrian, adventure-based environment with the goal of transforming lives through love. Trained professional staff teach teens how to become productive citizens through career counseling, caseworker and caretaker support, and by creating a plan for transitioning back into their community. Timothy Hill Academy features two residential campuses, in New York and Tennessee. Each campus provides a safe place for boys to work through and resolve the issues that have thrown their lives out of balance. The Tennessee campus has six homes and two horse farms spread across 86 acres. The caring, transformational program is a blend of: Academics, Counseling, Vocational training, Mentoring, Spiritual guidance, and Equine therapy

The focus is to help young teens to become upstanding citizens who learn the value of a good, hard day’s work, and to develop a strong character, so that they can one day be able to provide for themselves and their families.

therapeutic schoolsTimothy Hill Academy uses Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), which is an evidence-based treatment for children and adolescents impacted by trauma, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder), RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder), PTSD, abandonment issues, learning disabilities, oppositional defiant disorders, autism, depression, or anxiety. Specific areas of specialty include Trauma-informed therapy (Individual, Family, Group), Substance Abuse Counseling (Individual & Group), Aggression replacement, Self-Esteem, Casey Life Skills, Recreational Therapy, and Equine Care. therapeutic schools

Students experience numerous recreational activities. Adventures include horseback riding, hiking, swimming, water sports, skiing, sledding and service projects. In the New York program, they also attend sporting events on Long Island, NYC and NJ, 5K races, and Spartan Races.

Timothy Hill Academy adapts their academic schedule to the needs of the individual student. The goal of academics is to see the boys graduate from high-school, but also to obtain a driving permit, then a driver’s license, and find gainful employment and develop independent living skills. Timothy Hill also offers a workforce development program on each campus (teaching them to be on time, work hard, and attain gainful employment), with proximity and relationship with BOCES, daily devotional, and church attendance.

therapeutic schoolsVocational education and personal mentoring are the cornerstone of Timothy Hill Academy, coupled with off-site vocational placement with business partners. At the Timothy Hill New York and Tennessee campuses, boys 13-17 years old gain confidence, build character, and develop life skills through on-site work projects. Boys also learn to use many different hand and power tools. As they progress, they are allowed, with supervision, to apply for and obtain off-site work. therapeutic schoolsThe wide variety of on-site trades include Carpentry, Woodworking, Electrical Work, Plumbing, Computer Basics, Culinary Arts, Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Auto Mechanics, Barista training, and much more.

The Timothy Hill vocation staff aids teen boys in learning accountability, transportation, and company compliance, and each boy’s hard-earned paychecks go into a savings account. The program also keeps teen boys moving toward independent living as young adults.

If your son needs help, please contact us today. Our program provides a safe place for boys to work through and resolve the issues that have thrown their lives out of balance.

Several prominent social media activists who believe that teenagers should be allowed to do and act in whatever way they wish are seeking to have all therapeutic programs for youth shut down. To that end, they encourage their willing followers to write fake negative reviews about such programs. The goal is to destabilize and force program closures nationwide. Remember this as you read online reviews, since many today are fake and the program can do nothing about them. Feel free to call us for more information about any program.

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The goal for a therapeutic boarding school is usually to create an immersive therapeutic atmosphere (milieu), rather than just weekly counseling sessions. When troubled teenagers have therapeutic sessions backed up by activities, a positive peer group, and a supportive mentoring structure, they’re usually able to make much more progress than they would in a less structured environment. Moreover, they are less distracted when separated from negative influences and peers back home. Remember, although all therapeutic boarding schools have a similar purpose, there are significant differences between their therapeutic approach and the quality of their therapists. Be sure to research them as thoroughly as possible to find the perfect fit. Our expert help is available, ensuring that you find that one that matches your teenager’s needs and your family budget.

Should you need help finding programs for troubled teens, Teen Challenge, residential schools, rehabs for teenagers, affordable Christian boarding schools or christian therapeutic teen ranch, please let us know. The best therapeutic programs and schools provide treatment for troubled teens. This site includes a list of best therapeutic boarding schools, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs, outdoor therapeutic and adventure therapy programs, and programs working with troubled teens. Boarding Schools, Emotional Growth Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools provide supervision and counseling for at-risk teenage boys and girls. Residential Treatment Centers offer clinical treatment with both academic and behavioral support, plus medication management and medical monitoring. They treat adolescents with serious psychological and behavior issues, are highly structured, and they offer recreational and adventure activities for troubled teens. If you are searching for troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found a list of them. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don’t typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but these programs do. Among the top therapeutic schools, our list of therapeutic boarding schools shows the best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”. Some troubled teen schools, residential treatment programs for teens and residential treatment centers can be affordable. These boarding schools can help your teenager who is defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise having bad behavior.

Timothy Hill Academy

Timothy Hill Academy is a non-profit, therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys between the ages of 13-17.

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