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Boarding Schools in Montana

Montana State Boarding Schools (6 All Types Schools)

Building Bridges, Inc.


Building Bridges provides a supportive and structured environment designed to create opportunities for healthy growth and development. Through the use... MORE >>

Type(s): Boys Only, High School, Licensed, Wilderness Program

Intermountain Children’s Home


Intermountain Children's Home provides professional, integrated, intermediate residential care adapted for the individual needs of each child. The focus is first... MORE >>

Type(s): Coed, Junior High School, Licensed, Pre-Teen

Montana Academy


Montana Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for struggling teenagers ages 14-18. At its founding in 1997, it was unique... MORE >>

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School

Summit Preparatory


The program at Summit Preparatory School is designed to prepare students for all facets of life, equally emphasizing both scholastic... MORE >>

Type(s): Coed, College Prep, High School, Licensed

Turning Winds


Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Montana, Turning Winds is a residential treatment center (RTC) where teens ages 13 to... MORE >>

Type(s): Coed, College Prep, High School, Junior High School, Licensed

Wood Creek Academy


Wood Creek Academy is a licensed boarding school for troubled youth located in the rugged mountains of rural Western Montana.... MORE >>

Type(s): Boys Only, Wilderness Program

Montana Regulatory Laws

Accreditation may be requested by the superintendent of public instruction, but it is not required. There are no requirements for licensing, registration or approval. A teaching certificate is required for all instructors at an accredited school. Public schools must provide a course of study that includes the same curriculum or instruction as those taught in a public school. Accredited schools must meet the Program Foundation Standards of curriculum that are listed in the Administrative Rules of Montana, established by the Montana Board of Public Education.

The Department of Health and Environmental Sciences will oversee regular sanitary inspections of of private school facilities. 

Reference: http://www2.ed.gov

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