Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New York

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Featured New York Therapeutic Schools

Timothy Hill Academy

New York

Timothy Hill Academy is a non-profit, therapeutic boarding school designed to help troubled boys between the ages of 13-17. Each...   > > Continued

Type(s): Boys Only, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Religious

Other New York Therapeutic Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools in New York are specialized institutions designed to provide education alongside therapeutic support for adolescents with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. These New York schools combine academic curricula with comprehensive therapy programs, including individual and group counseling, to address the specific needs of students. The supportive environment helps students from New York and other states develop coping mechanisms, improve social skills, and enhance their emotional well-being. The goal of therapeutic boarding schools in New York is to foster personal growth and academic success through structured routines, therapeutic interventions, and a nurturing community, making them a resource for New York families seeking holistic support for their children's challenges.

Center for Discovery, The

New York

Our school program educates children ages 5-18 with complex disabilities including medical frailties and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Center is...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Pre-Teen

Harmony Heights School

New York

Harmony Heights is a therapeutic residential and day school serving girls with emotional needs that cannot be adequately served in...   > > Continued

Type(s): Girls Only, High School, Licensed

S.A.I.L. at Ferncliff Manor

New York

SAIL at Ferncliff Manor provides quality, innovative educational programming for the residential children at Ferncliff Manor. In addition, the school...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Pre-Teen


New York

Springbrook is a place where learning never ends, challenges are conquered and dependence is transformed into independence. We are a...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School, Pre-Teen, Religious

Summit School at Nyack

New York

At Summit School at Nyack, we believe every day is a fresh opportunity to start anew and develop stable, gratifying...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, College Prep, High School, Junior High School, Licensed

The Charlton School

New York

The Charlton School is a therapeutic learning community for girls, ages 12-18, located in Burnt Hills, NY, that is focused...   > > Continued

Type(s): Girls Only, High School, Junior High School

The Summit School

New York

Since 1968, The Summit School has been giving children with learning and adjustment challenges the attention they need to develop...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Pre-Teen

Wildwood School

New York

From the child struggling in school with a complex learning disability; to the adolescent with autism trying to navigate his...   > > Continued

Type(s): Coed, High School, Junior High School, Licensed, Pre-Teen

New York Therapeutic Boarding Schools

There are no requirements for Accreditation and Registration is optional with the Board of Regents. Only competent teachers may instruct students, but a certification is not specifically required.  The curriculum of private schools must be equivalent to the instruction given at public schools, including English, Geography, U.S. History, Civics, Hygiene, Physical Training, American history, as well as instruction discouraging the misuse of alcohol and drugs.

Private school authorities may require students be tested for drugs, including urine analysis. This is subject to written consent of the parents. Private facilities must train their pupils in safety drills and fire drills must be held at least 12 times a year using different exit methods and times of the day. An administrator failing to comply with this provision is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Private facilities are allowed the same health and welfare facilities that are available to public schools. This includes dental and physician services, dental hygienist, school psychologist, nurse, social worker and speech therapist. Residential programs in the state of New York are regulated by the New York Office of Children and Family Services at which can be reached at 1-518-474-8734. The Attorney General in New York is found in the New York Office of the Attorney General at which can be reached at 1-800-771-7755. The department that regulates education in New York is the New York State Education Department at which can be reached at 1-518-474-3852. The five largest cities in New York are New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse.

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