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Heritage Schools, The


5600 N. Heritage School Dr, Provo, UT 84604

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Coed, High School, Junior High School, Licensed

A master treatment plan with specific objectives is prepared for each child after their individual needs are assessed and discussed with the Heritage team, the students parents and other professionals. Individual, family, and group therapy sessions, as well as family mentoring and academics focus on the goals for each child to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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About Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

Utah Residential Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Residential programs in the state of Utah are required to employ a manager who will oversee the day to day resident supervision and facility operations and a a CPR certified staff member must be available at all times. All staff, volunteers and employees will be screened and given a background prior to working with the residents or within the facility. Professional staff should include a licensed physician, licensed psychologist and a licensed mental health professional and any unlicensed staff will be supervised by a licensed clinical professional at all times.

All residential facilities are required to maintain a minimum ratio of one staff to every four residents at all times during the daytime, however, night staff may be reduced, depending on the size of the facility. Staff in residential facilities will have a separate living space from the residents and all male and female living quarters will be separate and supervised. A single bedroom may house up to four residents (or two with disabilities) as long as each room occupant has a minimum of 60 square feet (including storage space). All residential facilities and treatment centers in Utah must be up to date on all safety and building health codes. 

Meals must be approved by a registered dietician and all facilities are required to note and accommodate the special nutritional needs or allergies of the resident consumers. All medication, hazardous chemicals and materials must be kept in locked storage and only qualified staff will administer, supervise and record medication dosage and effects. Provisions must be made for adolescents to continue their current education. The curriculum must be approved by the State Office of Education as well as nationally accredited and all teachers must be qualified in their area of instruction. 

Each resident will receive an individualized treatment plan upon arrival and it will be updated as they progress through the program. Monthly schedules will be available to both residents as well as their parents or guardians upon request. Individual treatment plans may include skills development as well as a variety of counseling options including weekly group, couple and family counseling sessions. 

Residential programs in the state of Utah are regulated by the Utah Department of Human Services at https://hs.utah.gov which can be reached at 1-801-538-4100. The Attorney General in Utah is found in the Utah Attorney General's Office at https://attorneygeneral.utah.gov which can be reached at 1-801-366-0260. The department that regulates education in Utah is the Utah State Board of Education at https://schools.utah.gov which can be reached at 1-801-538-7500. The five largest cities in Utah are Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, and Orem.

Heritage Schools, The


5600 N. Heritage School Dr, Provo, UT 84604

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