Jubilee Leadership Academy is a highly structured Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys between the ages of 13-18. – schools for troubled teens and military school for teens.

Jubilee Leadership Academy

Location: Washington
Type(s): College Prep, High School, Male Only, Religious
Website: http://schoolforboys.com/

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JubileeJubilee Leadership Academy is a licensed and accredited therapeutic boarding school for boys age 13-18, located in Prescott, Washington. The students come here from all over America.  We are lower in cost, yet we have top Christian therapists and a gorgeous 400 acre campus surrounded by apple orchards in Southwestern Washington State. With two dormitories, cafeteria, school, administrative building, staff housing, football field, basketball court and much more, it is a campus designed specifically for helping struggling teens. The relational therapeutic approach provided by this program is highly effective and specifically designed to help troubled teens and their families.

In addition to therapy, Jubilee provides a fully accredited academic program, complete with advanced courses and college prep. Preparing these boys for the future, however, doesn’t end there. Students also complete a vocational program which includes woodworking, welding, horsemanship, culinary arts, and facilities management. Through this comprehensive program, teenagers accomplish real change.

Jubilee Leadership AcademyJubilee Academy keeps God at the center of all things. Simply teaching boys the importance of God is rarely enough. Instead, staff here demonstrate the power of God in all they do on a daily basis. They will show boys what it is to treat themselves and others with respect and compassion, and boys will pick up on this and make it a part of themselves over time.

The diverse staff at Jubilee Academy provides students with the chance to interact with a wide variety of people. Working alongside people with different backgrounds and even different denominations of faith equips teenagers to thrive in a diverse environment after graduating this program. This approach is also helpful in recognizing that all teenagers learn and grow differently.

All young men deserve a second chance. Boys who were once bright and full of life can sometimes go astray and make poor choices. Once these boys are given a chance to get back on track, most of them quickly find success and grow in leaps and bounds. Jubilee is an investment to restoring the health and potential of young men with broken lives and relationships.

Sports and Activities

Students at Jubilee Leadership Academy can participate in soccer, football, basketball, track and baseball. Sports are available to those students that have worked hard in the program and have earned the opportunity by being academically in good-standing. On campus, we have basketball, golf driving range, skateboard park, high and low ropes course elements and many other physical activities.

Students also enjoy agricultural activities including horsemanship, 4-H projects, irrigation & pasture management, ranch maintenance and animal husbandry. These activities offer time for our staff to bond with and mentor the boys in an informal and fun setting.

Jubilee Leadership Academy is Perfect for Young Men Who Are Struggling. Call us today at (509)749-2103 to learn how affordable our year-round program is compared to most other therapeutic boarding schools in the country.

Jubilee Leadership Academy

29 Jubilee Lane, Prescott, WA 99348


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Jubilee Leadership Academy – Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Jubilee Leadership Academy is a highly structured Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled boys between the ages of 13-18.