Why and When to Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

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Your child’s behavioral or emotional symptoms are nothing more than a cry for help – more help than intermittent counseling sessions can provide.  If your child’s future or life are threatened, and things are only getting worse, it is time to consider an immersive live-in therapeutic program and school for your child.  Once he or she is an adult, you’ll not have the chance you do today to bring about a change in their thinking and behavior.


  1. When your child is spinning out of control, running away, has entirely changed his/her appearance to fit in with new friends, or is failing to engage in future-building pursuits.
  2. When meds, counseling or therapy, or short-term therapeutic programs have done little to help, and attempts to communicate are ignored or turn into instant battles.
  3. When you and your family are at wit’s end, walking on pins and needles around your child day in and day out, fearful of what new shocking revelation is around the corner.
  4. When substance abuse, dangerous thrill-seeking, or self-harm are threatening your child physically or legally.
  5. When interest in sports, hobbies, school clubs, or other positive pursuits or friends have gone by the wayside.
  6. When there is little care about the future (or anything), grades in school have tanked, or expulsion is imminent.
  7. When trauma, abuse, bullying, abandonment, or a significant loss have brought about depression, anxiety, withdrawal from relationships, mental disorders, or a self-destructive attitude.
  8. When your child can seemingly no longer speak the truth, is breaking the law, or is stealing from the family.
  9. When your child is failing to cope with life or with his/her own self-image, bringing about unhealthy self-destructive practices, withdrawal, or self-medication.
  10. When your child is consumed by online access to gambling, video games, pornography, or chat rooms.

Social media activists and some celebrities are pushing their followers to add negative, fake Google Reviews for all therapeutic boarding schools without ever having been on the campus, nor experiencing the program. Some of these fake reviewers even say they are past students or students’ parents. Their goal is to shut down all such therapeutic programs nationwide. They are also pushing for national legislation that will make it impossible for therapeutic programs to operate. Please keep this in mind as you read Google Reviews, since many are false. Feel free to call us for more information about any program.

schools for troubled teen with therapyA therapeutic boarding school will provide help without distractions, and hold your teen accountable to boundaries and milestones. They will get a much needed break from social media, bad influences, and dangerous substances. They’ll get healthy food, plenty of exercise, and ample sleep.  They will be able to get caught up on their education, and even retake some classes to achieve a higher GPA.  Moreover, they will live in a mentoring environment staffed with individuals totally focused on initiating a desire in them for a positive change in attitude and a thirst for a more fulfilling, purposeful future.  They will receive the tools, guidance, and encouragement to transform their negative beliefs, implement healthy communication patterns and new intentional pursuits, and practice them in various contexts so they become their new lifestyle, before moving on.

Therapeutic boarding schools can be a safe, transformative refuge for your child, staffed with professionals who are singularly focused on bringing your child to a better place behaviorally, emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s all they do every day.

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Should you need help finding teen challenge schools, Christian boarding schools, troubled teen boarding schools, or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. The best therapeutic programs and schools provide treatment for troubled teenage boys. This site includes a list of best therapeutic boarding schools for boys, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs for boys, outdoor therapeutic and adventure therapy programs for boys, and programs working with troubled teens. These and other therapeutic boarding schools for boys and behavioral therapy schools help turn around troubled teens. Learn also whether military boarding schools are still a choice today.

Why and When to Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?